The Programme

How it Works


For a cost of $50, families receive free training, a recycled computer, 12 month subsidised Internet connection with filtering, where available, and technical support.

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The Projects

establishedDelivering Measurable outcomes in the areas of greatest need.

In over 10 years of operation, Computers in Homes has already helped connect more than 5000 families, with projects focused on the areas in greatest need.

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Historical Projects

This section provides an overview of older Computers In Homes projects and where they were located around the country. Click on a year to view the locations.

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Stepping UP


Stepping up provides free, community-based computer and internet training for adults as a follow up to the Computers in Homes programme. It's designed for anyone with basic computer knowledge to develop their skills a step further in areas of direct relevance to their work and life.

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BYOD Equity Pilot

In February 2014, the 2020 Trust launched a pilot BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programme to assist families at Computers in Homes schools access digital devices for their children.  Many schools are embarking on BYOD programmes and we are concerned that families on low incomes might not be able to afford the cost of buying devices for their children.  Our approach is to use the same systems we have set up to help families afford internet connections.  This involves negotiating discounted prices with suppliers and then offering the services/products to families with a weekly payment plan, spread over 12-24 months.  We have invited Computers in Homes schools who have wireless infrastructure and BYOD policies in place to join the scheme and invite a class group to participate.

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Sponsors and Supporters

flatscreen5The Nature of the Computers in Homes programme means that it is reliant heavily upon the support of partners and funding bodies for operation. The CiH team wishes to acknowledge its funders and sponsors. Without their commitment we could not run the numerous projects around the country and put ICT into the hands of the families we serve.

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Regional Co-ordinators

Computers in Homes is fortunate to have enlisted exceptional regional co-ordinators who provide the energy to drive the programme in their local areas.

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