Regional Coordinators

Computers in Homes is fortunate to have enlisted exceptional regional co-ordinators who provide the energy to drive the programme in their local areas.


Back: Louis Moore, Sue Kini, Leona Karaurui, Kim Humpherson(DIA), Michael Stevens.
Middle: Jeannie Bryson, Rebecca Fraser, Barbara Craig, Christina Turner, Leon Symes, Alistair Fraser.
Front: Di Das, Cheryl Jackson, Janine Moore, Ivan Lomax.



Leanne Morice, Leon Symes, Leona Karauria, Janine Moore, Di Das, Ivan Lomax, Denise Martin (Herekino), Christina Turner, Barbara Craig, Sue Kini, Michael Stevens.



Back: Laurence Zwimpfer, David Foster, Michael Stevens, Phil Thomson, Alistair Fraser, Leon Symes.
Front: Barbara Craig, Di Das, Rebecca Fraser, Leona Karauria, Cheryl Jackson, Christina Turner, Janine Moore, Ivan Lomax.



From back left: Brett Hunter, Michael Stevens, Laurence Zwimpfer, Cheryl Jackson, Di Das, Leon Symes, Junior Witehira, Lili-Rose Bates, Christina Turner, Ray Bishop, Janine Moore, Emma Tracey, Adele Gardner.
Front: Sue Davidson, Barbara Craig, Jeannie Bryson, Ivan Lomax, Sue Kini, Rebecca Fraser, Leeanne Morice, Alistair Fraser.